Would you want to walk that extra mile in a remote locality with a local buddy to cherish that 80 year old bakery still making Kaiser rolls and pretzels in the old European style using family recipes handed down from generation to generation!

HIPPIEWALKS aka Friendly Local Walks is a global community of rare species of men and women from across the World(we call them Hippisaurus!) who love hanging out with travelers. Hippiewalks, a social organisation aims to be a community of awesome & passionate individuals who love sharing a miniscule part of their life with travelers hailing from different parts of the world. Hippiewalks aims to cover wide variety of activities ranging from cooking classes, dance classes, martial arts, language classes, adventure sports or any other activity you can think of!

Hippiewalks are led by Hippisaurus. Hippisaurus are adventurous, fun loving and super friendly folks like your neighborhood Spider man! Hippisaurus love meeting homo sapiens, take them on a friendly walk and showcase the beauty of their land and culture to travelers irrespective of creed, race and nationality.




au_community       Global Community Service – We travel to experience a new world, a new life which we always dreamed of. However, what we get in real is a Price list! Pay this and get this, Pay this and get this, etc with no personal touch. The Purpose of Hippiewalks is to bridge this gap and realise humanity and to serve voluntarily or with minimum money to make you happy.


au_sharing     Sharing Life – Hippiewalks is not driven out of greed for money rather it’s a journey of sharing the experience, cuisine and culture with the global travelers. Hippiewalks is meant to share happiness with travelers, build a bond of friendship and unity among people.


au_safety       Safe Experience - Hippiewalks intends to provide a safe travel experience in a new city especially to women travelers.


 au_unique    Unique Experience – Locals know their town best! What’s better than hanging out with your local buddy who will showcase the hidden gems of their town to you. Hippiewalks is meant to provide a unique local experience of the town to travelers.


au_happiness    Share Happiness - We believe that Happiness is found in simple things, such as having a cup of coffee in a remote abandoned cafe, taking a round of the town by bicycle or watching the stars at night together. We promise to build peace, love and happiness among global traveler community.


au_money      Value For Money – We have 3 kind of tours/activities listed so far:

1. Free Casual tours – Travelers take care of their expenses and cover host expenses as well. These tours are usually led by non professional individuals, but can be led by anyone
2. Tip/Donation based tours – Travelers pay as per their wish. Can be led by anyone.
3. Paid tours – Travelers pay the fixed amount to service provider/guide/host directly. Can be led by anyone. Paid tours are all curated listings so you won’t regret for the money you spend.


VERIFIED2    Verified hosts and travelers – We take utmost care in verifying the identity of travelers and host through an identification proof.



Our Story

The story of Hippiewalks started with my journey to Europe. When I was backpacking in Europe, the hospitality and the love I received from people of Europe led me to build this community to help travelers. To give back same love to all kind humans of this world, I intended to build a community of travelers and locals who would like to meet and show the town to travelers from the locals’ perspective. It’s said that a journey is measured in friends and not in miles.

It often happens that travelers do not get the real feel of a foreign town in a limited time frame. You do not get to make genuine friends/connections. You often miss out a lot in town when you visit. I faced this problem, too. I am working to solve this problem building a community called Hippiewalks.



Our Mentors:


HAY GROUP – NextBig100 Program

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If you are a traveler and would like to experience the foreign town in a local way, we are there to help you out!

1. Just search for the walks, in the cities you are heading to.

2. Book your dates.

3. Receive confirmation from hippisaurus.

4. Go on a friendly local walk.

5. And share your experiences with us and grow the community.


To become a Hippisaurus,

1. You should be passionate about meeting travelers, sharing your city experiences with them, introducing local delicacies to them and taking them on friendly buddy walks.

2. You should be open towards learning and respect other countries culture.

3. You should be able to give selfless service to the humanity.

Hippiewalks belongs to humanity as a whole. Hippiewalks is open to travelers from across the world. Even Aliens and Dinosaurs are most welcome! Our Hippisaurus would love to meet them!