Uday Singh


A Hippisaurus, a Computer Engineer, an Author, a Management graduate, POOP Social Activist, Occasional traveler born and educated in India. I love walking, cycling, philosophy, reading, blogging, music, art, travelling, cheese burst Pizza, entrepreneurship and Photography totally. When I am not seen working I am either watching sitcoms or learning guitar or reading a book or dreaming my next trip or doing random things. My love for art and photography led me to author 2 books titled ‘Windows and Doors of Europe’ and ‘Cycles of Europe’. I am also the co-founder of Handicrafts ecommerce platform whitepuppie.com and News and media site thebinnews.com. And I like beer!

  • Location: Mumbai
  • Website: Link

Gustopo Wibowo

I have major in art study and also I’ve been living in Yogya for 7 years, I know this city inside out.

  • Location: Yogyakarta

Sun Yingran

Yoga Instructor and Journalist

Come and explore Shanghai with me!

    Adriana Ionita

    I`ve been a marketer for some years, now got into health and physical therapy, lived in 3 countries, visited 10, lots more on my list, I am artistic, I dabble with words and paints and crayons now and then, into handmade and DIY and traditional stuff, I like to think of myself as a practical dreamer, I love cultures and languages, picked up and improved my accents from the people I met online, real life, from TV.. I like to steal accents = ) would love to learn more languages, improve my french and brazilian portuguese, maybe pick up russian and arabic too… I`ve been showing my city to travelers even before I learned about CouchSurfing and any other sites, people would look up locals that spoke languages in Bucharest and ask about what to do here… and I`d take them around, it is always wonderful to meet a traveler, it`s another way to meet the world, I just love it, practicing languages, experiencing my city through new eyes, sharing ideas and taking it a ll in, rejoicing, while getting a new friend… it`s beautiful = )

      Serdar Sumer

      studied Bs. in Economics, worked in different sectors for multinational companies; lived abroad in US and in Paris, London, Munich… Love travelling and exploring different cultures; people. if you want to know more, just e-mail me.

        Aki Asik

        Im a member of hospitality exchange and Couchsurfing since 2005. I love to walk and host people to do the walk. I dont do other sport. that’s why i need to do walk more often

          Giovanni Cardozo

          I like enjoying the nature, I`m starting a project of Rural Tourism in Colombia

            Miguel Celis Salgado

            I’m a 34 years old local guy. I love to travel to and do Couchsurfing.

            • Location: Cartagena

            Thiago Ozório de Melo

            I am 29 years, live in São Paulo, I like to make new friends, know about other cultures, places and foods! My main interest is show the things particular that only local person knows about here :)

            • Location: Sao Paulo

            Saikat Roy


            I am a 27yrs young ;-) chef. Currently working in Kuwait. A traveller by heart. An extreme foodie.I believe in no border. And only worship nature and love.

              Pranav Dixit

              I’m Pranav, a journalist based in New Delhi, India. I love exploring new places, meeting new people, experiencing and understanding different cultures and of course sharing travel stories. Join me, as I take you on a tour of my hometown and the capital city of India, New Delhi. You can reach out to me via twitter, facebook or mail.

              • Location: New Delhi

              Good Cracow Team

              We are group of enthusiasts from different countries living in Kraków. We love the city and people. Join us and fall in love in Kraków.

              • Location: Krakow
              • Website: Link

              Sophia Boufidi

              My name is Sofia.I like meeting people and learning about other cultures.I like walking through the city and meeting new people. Nice to meet you!

                Ljubljana Guides

                A group of down-to-earth ready-to-travel souls who love their city and want to make sure it is understood correctly.

                  Tommy Peng

                  I was born in Hoian (Vietnam). And my family has been living there from 17th century. I know many good foods that are located in Hoian market and small tiny alleys in the town. I’m sure no tourist books can show you about that. Just go with me! And i will treat you not pro as many tour guides there. But i will be a travel mate with you. Don’t say me a tour guide! Let say “mate!” or “my friend!”

                    Marteinn Briem

                    Citywalk was launched by me, Marteinn Briem (Martin), on may 7th 2014 and I‘m still the main guide. With increased popularity and especially in the summer you‘ll find a couple of additions in the Citywalk squad. Eiríkur (Eric) a good trusted friend, backpacker, motorcyclist, footballer and a history graduate was my first addition in march 2015.

                    • Location: Reykjavik


                    I’m Brazilian and I’m passionate about Free Tours and Pubcrawls. Before I finish my degree I decided to take one year ”off” and travel… The idea was to learn English! So I spent one year in Ireland! =D ;)
                    That was the time of my life! Great expecience, great people, great country! During that year I travelled a lot in Europe and Africa, doing free tours and pubcrawl everywhere! Well, after one year, I came back to BR, finished my degree but the ideia about Free Tours was still in my mind. So a friend of my came to Rio with me and we created the first free walking tour in Rio de Janeiro!! Now we also have pubcrawls! I love what I do and I want to share my love about this city with everyone coming to Rio! join us! =D


                    • Location: Rio De Janeiro

                    Giorgos Semkos

                    The free walking tours is a phenomenon that exists all around the world! It’s a very useful and nice way for the travellers to know a city with the help usually of a local! This is what I wanted to make for my city, Thessaloniki! I was born here, studied here and I was always interested in music, local food and drinks, culture and history and always I had a passion to share this interest with others! I try to communicate with the others and also to listen to what they have to say about their country and culture!

                    • Location: Thessaloniki


                    Hi!, I’m Angelo and I’m native from Turin. My backpacking DNA gave me opportunity to travel and live in many different countries in the last years: After a bachelor in Communication’s Science, I moved to Greece for a job like touristic assistant. After that I have begun to travel for all the world, from USA until New Zealand. In love with tourism and city dynamics, will be a pleasure, show to you some magic corners of my fantastic city: Are you ready?

                    • Location: Turin


                    The idea of “TRIPTOBUDAPEST – Free Budapest Walking Tours” was created in 2007. All tour guides are local Hungarians. We are fully licensed and professionals. Our motto: Join as a traveller, leave as a friend.

                    • Location: Budapest

                    Kai Angelet

                    I was Born in NYC and at the age of 21 I knew I wanted to travel and see the world. Since then, I continued to work with travelers from all around the world and I started falling in love with history. I think the best way to teach history is showing that you really do love it!

                    • Location: Brugge, Gent, Cologne