Off beat destinations in North East India for the true explorers! – Arunachal Pradesh

Off beat destinations in North East India for the true explorers! – Arunachal Pradesh

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Most of the destinations in North East India are secluded by the mass traveller population which is a good news. Not invaded by money-making brats , Commercialization and governmental thugs.  Area is a treat for travelers, philosophers, loners, thinkers and explorers. And the journey to all these destinations is irrefutably serene.

One such destination is a hill station in far North east called Mayodia in Arunachal Pradesh.


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Images: Anshuman

Mayodia is a snow-seeker’s abode. It is undoubtedly the best budget winter destinations in NE India. Being one of the least dense areas in Arunachal Pradesh, it offers you everything from greener canvases to bluer skies. Don’t be surprised to see a toggling game of fog, rain and sunshine on any sunny day.

The best time to visit Mayodia is December to February. Carry sufficient amount of woolens. Include hand gloves, caps, mufflers etc. This place is a favorite spot for bikers. A lot of local biker groups organize expeditions to Mayodia in winters. You can try to join one such group. Make sure you eat local fresh oranges.

There are a few virgin trekking routes in the nearby forests. You can get more information about these from Dipmoina on +91 8822 390 306

How to Reach:

Roing is the nearest town, being at a distance of 60 km from Mayodia. India’s Everester lady Miss. Tine Mena hails from Roing. Roads up to Roing are in good condition however the road journey from Roing onwards is a little weary.

It would be better to go there with your own (personal/hired) vehicle. Renting a vehicle there is costly and a matter of luck.

If you are going there from Wakro side, don’t forget to halt at the Parshuram Kund en-route. It is a scenic holy place.


• Mayodia coffee house – +91 9774 748 828

• Mayodia 65 – +91 9402 729 177

• Mayodia Homestay – +91 9862 856 981


Mayodia coffee house and Hotel Maya are the only places. Hotel Maya is run by a Nepali family which is named after a girl named Maya.



Located 1500m above sea level, the rich culture and the local agricultural practices of the local Apatani tribe has earned the Ziro Valley the prestige of being a UNESCO heritage site. One of the oldest towns in the state, it is surrounded by mountains making this valley a refreshing mixture of beauty and diversity.

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Images: Anshuman

Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh is a land of Apatani tribe. There is a NGO called Ngunu Ziro which manages home-stays in Ziro. At present, five families have offered their homes for home-stays. There are a few hotels too but we strongly recommend everyone to stay at home-stay to feel the culture real close. Home-stay families can stretch themselves to make us feel comfortable.  In a home-stay, you are not only privileged with emotional hospitality but also the daily chores of locals. Rather than money making, bonding is the basic theme of home-stays. Hygienic local delicacies are an added advantage. It’s like having a family away from family.

It’s said that tribal women in Ziro used to be extremely beautiful (they still are) which made them vulnerable. So their faces were tattooed for their safety.

There are rain forests in Ziro. If you are planning for a trek, make sure you carry leech protection gears like gum boots, hat, leech guard and salt.Fish, butterfly and caterpillar farming is done in Ziro which can be witnessed with locals. In the month of September every year, Ziro festival of music (ZFM) is held here which is an international festival and attracts a lot of like minded people.


Hibu Tatu’s home-stay : +91 9436 224 834



Sela pass lies on the way to Tawang located at a height of 13700 feet and is known to be home to more than 101 lakes. Each of these lakes are considered very religious by the Buddhist community. It’s the journey that’s more beautiful than the destination itself. It is the second highest motorable road in India. In winter, it’s usually covered with thick cover of snow.

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Adi, meaning  a “man of hill”, is a large tribe inhabiting the unspoiled valleys of the Brahmaputra River.
Some of them are found in Southern Tibet (a little more north than South Tibet), around areas near the Indian border. The literal meaning of Adi is “hill” or “mountain top”.

The Adi, or Bangni-Bokar Lhoba people is a major collective tribe living in the Himalayan hill districts of East Siang, Upper Siang, West Siang and Dibang Valley.

The majority of Adi traditionally followed the animist Donyi-Polo religion, which involves the worship of the sun, the moon, and the ancestral god, the shaman, called Miri, can be a female.

The Adi art is almost entirely confined to the decorations of their own persons, that is to say, it is expressed in the wearing of fabrics, the making of hats, and the forging of ornaments.

The Adi practice wet rice cultivation and have a considerable agricultural economy. Rice and serves as the staple foods for the Adi. Trapping and hunting, increasingly with firearms, supplement the diet; the favorite prey is the abundant rat, prepared in various ways, including pieces of rat and other meat in a rice flour cake wrapped in banana leaves.

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Thembang is a Monpa village located at about 2300 m altitude. It is of high historical and cultural significance as it is an ancient village.

The Monpa tribe is one of the most populous tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and is considered as one of the major tribal communities in the entire region. Monpas speak Tshangla, which is also understood by the Bhutanese and Tibetans as these languages share a similar origin. Being skilled craftsmen, the Monpas traditionally engaged themselves in weaving and preparing bamboo products. The Monpas, like most other autochthons of the eastern Himalayas, believed in the native animistic Bon religion before their conversion into Tibetan Buddhism.

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Important Note: All foreign nationals need to get a Restricted Area Permit before arriving in Arunachal Pradesh. Permits are available from Indian consular offices abroad, as well as from the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi. Indian nationals wishing to visit Nagaland must get an Inner Line Permit from the Arunachal Pradesh offices at New Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Shillong, Dibrugarh, Tezpur, North Lakhimpur & Jorhat.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu