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We will be taking a walk in Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Greece, to discover this city which has one of the most beautiful atmosphere in Greece, because of the sea, the university, its people, its food, its musical scene and many many other things. We are going to speak with locals, we are going to play music, we are going to visit spots with an amazing view of the city and to discover some amazing hidden spots that only the locals know!

I have to say that the walk is special and unique not because of the person that organizes the walk but because of the city itself! The city tells its story by itself! The organizer just takes you to the places where you can hear it more clearly!


Meeting Point: Rotonda, famous monument of Thessaloniki


Time of the Walk: Depends on the day; 2 hours

Availability: Information of the dates and hours of the walk through email – semkosg@gmail.com or hello@hippiewalks.com and facebook “thessaloniki free walking tours”

Languages spoken: Greek, English, Italian

Maximum People: 30

Approximate Cost: It’s Free. I am doing it more out of my love for my city. I will appreciate tips though.

Note: Our Hippisaurus may not be professional tour guides. They are your friendly neighbors who love to show their town to guests out of their own will. So, Please take care of their expenses too!

This friendly tour is led by our Hippisaurus Giorgos Semkos who loves to share his passion and love for the city with travelers.


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